Wednesday, October 27, 2010

mid-week music moment... the birthday week edition!

I really wasn't lying when I said I was just going to post whatever I felt like this week. Even the MWMM is topped with delicious musical birthday frosting... Or something like that.

Instead of declaring the start of the next year of my life with a fabulous 2010 theme song, I'm going for nostalgia. (Though I may do that theme song thing, too, now that I think about it.) Anyway, this week I'm posingt a song by The Beatles.

When I was growing up, a lot of my tastes in current culture were shaped by what my three cousins liked. When they were teenagers and I was about 8, they loved The Beatles. So, I loved The Beatles. (You have to admit, of all the things I could have gleaned from three teenagers in the early 90s, it's pretty lucky for my parents that it was a band that they, too, loved.) Each holiday I got a new CD or book - or in one instance, an vintage LIFE magazine cover belonging to my grandparents - featuring The Beatles. I remember distinctly that for my graduation from third grade I received my first portable CD player and my first CD: Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I get weirdly emo just thinking about how excited I was that day. I had worn my cassette tape of Magical Mystery Tour about to death rewinding to listen to "Penny Lane" over and over.

I loved those albums as a kid because they were colorful and crazy and I had no idea what they were actually singing about. I'm still emotionally attached to them simply because I listend to them so, so, often. As I grew up a little, I started to appreciate the early love songs, from Hard Days Night and Help!, but then I discovered Rubber Soul.

The debate over the greatest Beatles albums rages on always, but for me, there's something about those songs (You Won't See Me, Nowhere Man, Drive My Car, I'm Looking Through You, I've Just Seen A Face, Wait) that absolutely gets to me. Rubber Soul is the one.

After all that (and actually, you probably already pressed play way up at the top of this post) the song I chose is "Norwegian Wood."

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me...


*It should be noted that I got so worked up trying to think about my favorite Beatles songs that I nearly drove myself insane... and kept myself awake until 2 a.m. So I shall now list in this nice tiny font, my other favorite songs: Something, Here Comes the Sun, Paperback Writer, Dear Prudence, Oh! Darling, Baby You're A Rich Man, Octopus's Garden, Hello Goodbye, Magical Mystery Tour, Getting Better, Lovely Rita, From Me To You, and... Ticket To Ride, Get Back, Rocky Raccoon and Blackbird.

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  1. Now listen to the same song and insert the phrase " Knowing she would " and Norwegian Wood seems almost nonsensical.