Thursday, October 28, 2010

{birthday week} 25 things for my 25th year...

Perhaps because I'm an only child, or perhaps because I love party dresses, I have always been a lover of celebrating my own birthday. I find the idea of a whole day where people pay special attention to me and I get lots of hugs and cocktails and Facebook messages from people I haven't talked to in six years just absolutely wonderful. My roomie who has a birthday in November proposed having a joint birthday party here in NYC, and I said no. Just flat out, no. Because I wanted my own. Like a demanding 5-year-old. True story, and I'm really embarrassed now that I've typed it out.

Anyway, here's the Avedon of the day: Dorian Leigh in 1949. Its whimsical and glamorous and fun - just as birthday's should be! I'm working at ELLE all day today, which is a far cry from the mani/pedis, lunch at Le Pichet and generally indulgent day that was my 24th birthday (thanks again Julie!). However, just like last year, I'll be celebrating in the evening with all the people i love (who live nearby, anyway). For the most part, turning 25 isn't really anything to hoot and holler about, but I can't help but think of it as a bit of a milestone. Afterall, it's my first birthday in New York City! I turned 23 and 24 with dreams of this city glimmering in my eyes, and to see it before me as I blow out the candles this year is nothing short of incredible.

There are a few little things (25, actually) that I want to say. Just some thank yous, dreams, accomplishments, memories, goals, shout-outs...

1. Thank you Mom & Dad. You're the only reason I've made it this far. LOVE YOU!

2. This will be the year I get a paying job in the field of my heart's desire.

3. I made it to New York. This is largely thanks to Gina & Tulls. From the U of A to the UES to Chelsea, here we are, together! It's rather amazing I think.

4. I can pay rent in New York. This is largely thanks to Moira. You are my lovely bunk buddy babe and I just adore you.

5. My 23rd and 24th years were all about the whiskey ginger. Perhaps 25 will be a graduation to the bourbon + water on the rocks with a twist like Rachel drinks.

6. This year I want to travel to at least five places I have never been.

7. One of those places being Rome... Moira!

8. This is the year I will learn to cook. For real.

9. Thank you to all the people who took me out for drinks when I first moved here. I felt very loved and very busy, and it was great.

10. My roomies came home last night with fresh roses to put all over the apartment. Gorgeous is as gorgeous does...

11. I can rent a car! Yay!

12. So, this year I'll take a roadtrip. Maybe to Vermont. Or Nordstrom.

13. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI is still going to be my go-to polish.

14. But You Don't Know Jacques is creepin' up there.

15. Get to 500 OnSugar followers this year? Why not! 239 and counting...

16. Thanks to Ian for hooking me up with the best part-time summer job ever without even knowing me.

17. Thanks to Ryan for letting me keep that job until mid-October.

18. Thank you deli sandwich-making guy who (almost) never judges me for asking him to put a hash brown pattie & avocado in my bacon, egg & cheese on Sunday mornings.

19. This year I'm going to invest in more high quality fabrics. Think less cotton jersey, more silk and wool.

20. I will try not to get down on being 25 - half way through my 20s and half way to 50 years old.

21. I will be excited about being young and free and living in this amazing city, pursuing my dream job and living with my best friends.

22. I will wear sunscreen so I still look 25 when im 30.

23. Thank you to all of you out there reading and enjoying my blog, especially those who have been commenting. It's so rewarding to be producing something that makes me so happy and have it be loved by others too!

24. Thanks again Mom & Dad.

25. Here's to another 25 years of happiness, health, maybe some wealth and lots of love.


  1. this is a great list of appreciation, i only hope to be as blissful when i hit 25!!

  2. As an official 25 year old, I can say that this year has actually been one of the BEST. May it be the same for you - happy birthday!!

  3. happy birthday (1 day late)!
    your fan lizzy

  4. Happy Birthday! I was just wondering (mostly because I LOVE the magazine and secondly because I would love a career in that industry someday), what do you do at Elle??

  5. I love having him show me around all the natural beauty in that part of the country... never made it to Actos Seattle, but it is on the list for next time..