Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 things to love in October (the NYC edition!)

Last year I wrote a post about things I love in October, in Seattle. A year later, my life is rather different. A bunch of those things are not really applicable here in New York, like my favorite cozy Seattle bars (Liberty! The Duchess!), driving around with the windows down, and tailgating college football games. Though I'm still waiting for the leaves to change and this weekend the temperature neared 70 degrees, there's definitely a change in the air that lets me know my favorite month is here. It may already be (oops) almost over, but here's what I love about October ... and November? Sort of?

1. Cozy coffee dates. On Saturday, Rachel, Tully and I went to Jack's Coffee in the West Village to caffinate and conversate in the most Seattle-esque coffee joint I've been to yet. We snagged a table in the picture window and spent the better part of two hours browsing The Post, catching up and making plans for the day. One of the baristas stopped brewing briefly to sweep crunchy brown leaves back outside. At that moment paused. I looked around at all the leather jackets, pashminas, and knee-high boots. I breathed in the aroma of the coffee and pulled my favorite chunky Anthropologie sweater a little higher on my shoulders as a cool, dry rush of air pushed through the door. These occasions are essentially sort of trivial, but a chilly late morning spent with great friends and great coffee is absolutely one of my favorite things in life.

2. Pumpkins. Last week Megan, Gina and I went to the farmer's market in Union Square and got a bunch of small pumpkins to put around the apartment. I think I have serious nostalgia for the really teeny ones, and I absolutely love how they instantly add a little Autumn flair to the kitchen table. I would have absolutely carried a giant one home if it weren't such a long walk and guarenteed to rot before Halloween. Next weekend will definitely be the time to find a perfect jack-o-lantern to-be and carve him up nice for the holiday.

3. Layering. Knee-high boots over knee-high socks over tights under a dress under a cardigan under a coat under a scarf. Or something along those lines. This is the season of creative layering. The varying temperatures allow you to explore so many different looks and creative ways to wear everything in your closet from every season. I can't get enough. I like to wear a short floral dress with a long, warm cardigan over it with a little knit hat and cowboy boots. I love to wear a cropped leather jacket over a long, loose tank over ankle-length skinnies and ballet flats. How about a giant grey cashmere blend v-neck sweater with opaque black tights and chunky open-toe clog-esque heels for a night out? Blazers over everything! Vests! Ahhh, the options are endless, but window of opportunity is sort of short. So sieze the season my friends! I mean, what in the world is better than getting to wear as many of your favorite things at one time as you possibly can?

4. The return of Very Mary Kate. Funny girl Elaine Caroll did us a favsies and fiiiiinallyyy started posting new videos after a very long hiatus. Bodyguard is once again like a brotherguard to me. Where's my Vera Wang Snuggie?

5. Red Wine. I know you can drink red wine all the time, but when it starts to get truely cold out and you want to unwind and warm up after a long day, there's almost nothing better than a glass of deep, dark, delicious red wine. The glorious glow that comes over me after a couple glasses is something I cherish almost as much as my handbag collection.

6. My Birthday. Quarter century status. More on that later.

7. The light. On sunny days around this time of year, after a certain hour, the light takes on a rather magical quality. It shines on those yellow, orange and red leaves and it sort of makes everything seem a bit golden. I am a bit convinced that this magic has something to do with the crisp in the air, like it sparkles more off of chilly wind... but I'm pretty sure it's more science-y than that. Anyway, I love it.

8. This is a repeat from last year: On particularly indulgent mornings or afternoons, I like to order a special coffee drink that always makes baristas look at me a little sideways. Trust me though, it's wildly delicious. Order a half drip coffee, half non-fat hot chocolate, with a shot of peppermint. Oh, yes. It's heaven. Shut up, i love that coffee drink on you?

9. This particular October has five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays. It happens like once every 800 years. Take advantage!

10. Halloween. I am so very excited for my first Halloween in New York. I have no idea what kind of madness awaits, but I know that a good costume is a non-negotiable. Last year I went totally budget and pulled things out of closets and managed not to spend a dime. Not even on drinks! What a lucky little witch I was. Anyway, I'm hoping to pull a similar stunt this year - but with a different outfit. I've narrowed down my budget-friendly ideas this year to Karl Lagerfeld, an Olsen twin, or a cat. Meow? As usual, I just want to wear as much eyeliner as possible. As a cat, I can wear it on my eyes and my cheeks (whiskers!). So, we may have a winner...

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  1. Those are basically exactly my favorite reasons for why I love October. I'm SO jealous you get to have this as your birthday month... Happy Birthday!!!