Thursday, September 2, 2010

{weekend essentials} Labor Day Weekend...

When I go on vacation, I like to dress the part. A long weekend in Mexico calls for bright prints and breezy caftans; a ski week in Sun Valley calls for vintage fur coats and cashmere pashminas. This weekend, my roommates and I are off to spend the weekend on Long Island, for a much-need getaway outside the city. Whether you're luxuriating in the Hamptons or wine-tasting on the North Fork, one's wardrobe over this three-day weekend should (in my humble opinion) strike the perfect balance of prep-infused simplicity, luxe detailing and East Coast cool. As with most of my trips, packing has to be kept to a minimum, so multifunctionality is essential. A men's oxford is perfect half-tucked into crisp shorts for lunch and as a beach cover-up. Flat, white patent leather sandals work for casual strolling and paired with a short, glitzy dress for a night out. Breton stripes are a classic can't-miss for the beach, as are over-sized retro shades. The rest is easy - a printed blouse for cocktail hour(s), a surprising & edgy accessory or two, and (if finances allow) a covertly designer bag to round things out.


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