Monday, September 20, 2010

{outfit post} thursday @ NYFW...

There are certain moments in life that every girl dreams about. Her her first kiss, getting her drivers liscense, getting married... So okay, romance and transportational freedom are great, but neither currently trump this week's milestone: Attending a major designer fashion show.
Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Isaac Mizrahi Spring/Summer 2011 show. I also took in the Andy & Debb presentation beforehand. Both took place at Lincoln Center (NYFW's new home) and I was so excited to get into the mix in the heart of all the action. Needless to say, it was a sartorial occasion in the highest degree. I wanted my outfit to convey a certain balance of dressed up and fierce because it's fashion week - but not so dressed up that I look like I'm going to a fancy cocktail soiree (both shows were around noon).
I decided to wear my beloved striped Aniseed skirt from Anthropologie one last time before Fall really sets in, and also to have one last moment of mixing it with a good floral. Tired of my whole closet, I went searching through my roommate Moira's tops and knew instantly that her amazing silk floarl button-down from H&M would be perfect.
Being mid-September, there was a chill in the air, so I layered on my couldn't-fit-better-couldn't-be-more-perfect black Theory blazer. Lastly came my usual favorite vintage chains and MK watch, and my crazy tall Steve Madden gladiator heels. Oh, and Wayfarers of course.
Aniseed skirt from Anthropologie; H&M shirt; Theory blazer; Steve Madden shoes; Ray Ban sunglasses; vintage chains; Michael Kors watch; F21 owl ring.
A few pictures from the Andy and Debb presentation...
I really liked the set up.
The look on the right was my favorite of the whole collection. I love the black and white print and the cool double-breasted sleeveless top.
Isaac Mizrahi came out for a bow after the show.
*Outfit photos by Gina :)


  1. You DO look fabulous! Congrats!

  2. Love this look! I'm glad someone else agrees you can mix and match prints and still look fab. Congrats!