Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mid-week music moment...

Happy Wednesday! This week's MWMM is a guest selection by my friend Megan. She said, "Listen to this song, I think you'll like it." I listened, and I loved. In fact, I only listened to it about halfway through before I decided it was great and absolutely should be shared here today!

I think this song has a cool, unique, vibe. I like that the verses are almost like rap, and the horns and something like a xylophone in the background give it a pretty powerful kick.

Everyone say thanks to Megan, she and I hope you like it. This is Matt & Kim, "Cameras."

*It should be noted that this blog, Thieves By Tuesday, has tons of new music streaming and downloadable. I've been browsing it all morning. (It's how I got this week's MWMM on my iTunes, shhh...)

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