Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mid-week music moment...

Just knowing that a three-day weekend is looming on the horizon has made this week feel extra long. On top of that I attended my first Bikram Yoga class in months on Monday - and it was brutal. Totally rejuvinating - but the soreness in my entire body certainly didn't make sitting at a desk all day yesterday any easier. Anyway, today isn't one of those Wednesdays where I want to overdose on coffee and Diet Coke through the afternoon and then splash around in a bathtub of white wine until bed. (Not that that's something I would do...)

Today I want to only have one (large) cup of iced coffee, drink water all day, then hit a yoga class in the evening. To get me in such a mindset (motivated but calm), I'll be listening to this song pretty much all day. I couldn't get an mp3 of it, so I posted the YouTube video below. This is is (of course) another gem from Anderson. Apparently Jose Gonzalez, one of my favorite voices, has a band called Junip, and they make lovely music together. This is a new song of theirs, called "Rope & Summit." (Give it like 20 seconds to get going...)

Hope you love it & let it carry you over the hump to Thursday...


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