Friday, September 10, 2010

who to follow on Twitter during NYFW...

Whether you're living in NYC (so close yet so far from the action), or all the way on the left coast, stay on top of all the action of New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week via Twitter! Why? Because it will make you insanely jealous of everyone at the shows, but also keep you up to date on the latest. Celebrity spotting! iphone pictures from the front row! After parties! (I posted #NYFW twitter goodness last year here and here)

Just as an example, here we have @mrjoezee, @mrbradgoreski & @rzrachelzoe, at the opening of the new @chanel store in SoHo... (as tweeted by Rachel Zoe)
Here's who else to follow (if you aren't already):

And as I've said before, @mrjoezee is THE BEST person to follow during fashion week. He tweets great photos & notes on shows. It's almost like being there. Almost.

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  1. don't forget @shopstyle and @fashionologie !!