Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{reader response} how to style a black maxi...

In my Tuesday post on maxi dresses, I said that I had been envisioning myself frolicking about the city in a black one. A stylish reader with my same instincts commented on the post, saying this, "I have a solid black maxi that I thought I would wear a lot, but for some reason, the solid black dress seems so mournful in the bright summer days. Do you have any good styling tips? I'd love the chance to wear it before summer's over!" She's sort of right, it can seem a bit too drab to wear a lot of black in the summer, and honestly, depending on where you live, it might be! For myself, in New York, black just never goes out of season. However, I think that with the right accessories and sunny attitude, you can make a long black dress into the ultimate in understated summer chic, no matter your locale. I know it feels like a pop of color is the easiest way to brighten up a black ensemble, but proceed with caution. I think the contrast can often look too stark and abrasive. My advice? Punch up the black with sparkle and hints of a hue, rather than overt color. Pile on some great gold accessories, like killer statement earrings, and some bold bracelets. (Think tribal and ethnic inspired). On your feet, just throw on your favorite flat sandals (like a t-strap or simple leather flip-flop style) and a brown leather bag to keep it easy. Finally, secure that messy, beachy, summer hair of yours in a braid, throw on some bronzer and mascara, and voila. (Steph, I hope this helps!)

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  1. Steph (desserts for breakfast)August 4, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    Thanks so much for this response! It's totally helpful. I really liked what you said about going with natural hues rather than adding too many pops of color--I think a maxi dress is dramatic enough on its own without all of that color floating around. I love the braided messy bun, too! I'm in California, so have been wearing lots of buns + braids for a bit of a bohemian look lately. Can't wait to put these tips to use. ;-) Thanks, again!