Wednesday, August 11, 2010

mid-week music moment...

You know those days... Those days when you just feel good? The days where things happen, things change, and your mentality shifts to a better place? You think to yourself, "Okay. Finally, things are looking up and I am very happy about it. So happy I want to dance around a little bit. And I think I will."

Monday was that kind of day for me. I'm going to withhold on sharing why for now, just to make sure everything settles in and becomes completely real. I'm very excited though, and I think you will be, too!

Anyway, in the twilight of the evening, as I checked my email at Starbucks, this song came over the system. "Oohhh... Mmhmm, yes," I thought. "Yes! This is my jam right now!"  No joke, I was sitting at the window, looking out at West 19th Street, shimmying my shoulders, bobbing my head, and grinning wildly. "Stare all you want, people of Chelsea, it was a good day!"

So I invite you, wherever you are, good day or not, to turn this song up, shimmy your shoulders and smile. After all, the weekend is just two days away.

(Marvin Gaye singing, "Got To Give It Up.")


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