Wednesday, August 25, 2010

little luxuries...

When you're poor in New York City, you have to learn to really, really appreciate the little things that make you happy... And remind yourself of them all the time. These are my little luxuries these days...

Our apartment's former tentant's subscription to New York magazine that keeps arriving.

Living just a few blocks from the Meatpacking District, West Village, and the High Line.

The take-home copy of the September issue from my informational meeting at VOGUE last week.

Creating a heavenly cream & white nest with the comforter and six down pillows my mom mailed me from home.

Having a ridiculously delicious, greasy, and amazing breakfast sandwich from the deli down the street on Saturday mornings.

Our dishwasher.

The $5 key fob my roommates and I all have from the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in the West Village.

Reconnecting with people I haven't seen in years because that's just what happens when you move to NYC.

Things that are around the corner: the laundromat, the liquor store, the post office, Barney's CoOp, PinkBerry, the subway, and at least seven Thai restaurants.

Living with my best friends again... and all the closets that come with that.

Getting a little taste of home from visiting Seattle friends.

Re-imagining, re-styling, and re-learning to love all the beautiful clothes I bought when I had money to buy them.

I am living in New York.

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