Wednesday, July 21, 2010

spotted: Blair Waldorf in I Heart Ronson...

From the beginning, I've been more of a Blair than a Serena. Especially when it comes to style. I often find myself pulling items from my closet, tilting my head to one side and thinking, "This is totally something Blair Waldorf would wear." Except, it isn't. The wardrobe experts on the set of Gossip Girl make sure to outfit Ms. Waldorf in almost exclusively top-of-the-line designer clothing and accessories - beautiful and unobtainable by the masses.

Until now, that is. From Nylon Blogs and Refinery29 I have gathered that in the photo at right, Leighton Meester is on the GG set in a skirt by I Heart Ronson, available at JC Penney in late July for about $25.
How refreshing to see that B is mixing prints and price points!

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