Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mid-week music moment...

It's late in the day to be posting, I know. I had a meeting this morning and yada, yada, yada - I apologize! Anyway, yesterday I was really hankering for some new music. After browsing the iTunes top 200 songs and feeling completely underwhelmed I had a random memory of an episode of The City that I saw recently. Our darling heroine Whitney Port managed to get an artist called LIGHTS to wear one of her Whitney Eve jackets (for about 5 seconds) onstage. Tragic for her fashion line, great for our ears.

I looked into LIGHTS, and I liked a lot of what I heard. It feels a bit repetitive after a few songs, but in small doses it definitely has a time and place in my ipod.

I picked her song, "Quiet," to post today. I've had one of those afternoons, sitting outside at Starbucks on 85th St, sending emails and working on SUILTSOY, and it's going over nicely above the sirens, construction and general chatter on the street. Plus there's some banjo tickling in the background that I really enjoy.

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