Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{heat wave} feeling fan-tastic...

It started at DuMont in Brooklyn Sunday night, and ended up with Gina, Kate & I braving the ridiculousness of Canal Street...

DuMont provides these at the outdoor tables so you can keep cool while cocktailing and waiting for the fried artichoke salad...

And the next day we took an adventure find a more long-term solution - $1 fans from Chinatown!

These little gems provide a serious breeze, as it turns out. We proceeded to wave them furiously in front of us as we tromped through Nolita, all through happy hour at Room 18 on Spring Street and all the way back uptown on the subway. People were jealous, trust me.


  1. Dumont is an amazing restaurant! One of my good friends works there as a waiter, and the artichoke salad is to die for. The baked mac n cheese is also an amazing dish if you ever head back

  2. Michelle, it's s funny that you say that - we had both those dishes and they were absolutely amazing!