Thursday, July 22, 2010

{apartment inspiration} bedtime...

I'm going to be sharing a bedroom in our new apartment, so it's absolutely critical that my bed is my haven. It's been a while since I've gotten to start from scratch with decorating, and I'm so excited! I still can't really decide if I want to go the more Shabby Chic route and make it soft and girlie and sweet; or a more sophisticated, tailored (preppy, even?) style. There are so many considerations I don't even know where to start. Color palette! Fabric! Tons of pillows! I'm on a budget of course, so it's definitely going to be a mix of flea market, ikea and sent-from-home things... So stay tuned to see what develops. Luckily, my roomie also happens to have excellent taste, so we're going to try and coordinate something amazing.

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  1. such a cute post! could you by chance send me the website of the monogrammed pillowcases? i need those! thanks