Friday, June 25, 2010

what i learned this week...

There may be some readers out there who have lived in New York for a long time, and some who have never been, or have no idea what it's like. I still don't truly know what it's like, because I've only been here a week. However in that short time, I've made a few observations on life here that I think would stand up to the observations of someone who's been here for a while.

1. Everyone fits in in New York. Every kind of person you could possibly imagine is here, and they all have a community. Coming from an admittedly rather white-washed community in Seattle, it's refreshing, amazing, bewildering and currently - still a little overwhelming. From the subway to the streets it really is the melting-pot of legend.

2. You simply cannot own enough black skirts. From mini to pencil to a-line to high-waisted ... They are perfect for just about any outting, and New York girls know it. It seems like every other girl I pass on the street is clad in some kind of thigh-grazing black fabric. I have 5, and feel like I could use about 7 more. Really.

3. If you're under 35 and you're not living downtown, you're missing out. Every cab and subway I've taken in the city has been headed downtown. It's where most of my friends live, and where all the trendy bars/shops/restauratns/people are.Our lease is up at the end of July, so you can look forward to hearing all about our adventures in apartment-searching in the LES, West Village, East Village, Gramercy, etc.

4.If you're going to walk somewhere, anywhere, do it with purpose. Even if you're not sure where you're going, just go. Dilly-dallying in the subway, on the sidewalk, in a bar? Not ok.

5. Wash your hands. Frequently.

6. New York is sexy. People dress sexier, act sexier and go to really sexy places. All the time. And I like it.

7. I have a lot to learn.


  1. tara / wonder girlJune 25, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    congrats on moving to NYC from seattle! I'm from seattle too and it would be a big change for me, but i always kind of dream of doing it. go you - you're inspiring me. not that i have ever been, but all those points ring true to everything i've ever heard. and maybe my personal collection of numerous numerous black skirts is some sort of omen that i need to more there, like, now.

    keep up the blogging, i love the NYC stories!


  2. omg i love new york it is my dream city like so many other 20-somethings out there. i might be living there this summer on an internship. my interview is in a couple of days and im superrrrr nervous
    but these tips are so great! yea newyorkers wear so much black. i love it cuz im all about that shizzz
    also im a huge fan of your blog! i stumbled upon it a few days ago and now im catching up. its great ur writing style and humor are awesome.
    keep up the great work!