Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{outfit post} a drizzly Memorial Day @ Anthro...

Oh, Memorial Day. It's always hit or miss out here in Seattle, and this year it started out as a miss. The sky was grey, the rain was falling, and I had to work. I was feeling a bit worn down from sort of a wild and busy weekend, but still a bit fancy. I manifested the contrast with the comfort of jeggings plus a cozy vest - and the easy glamour of my New York necklace. I can't tell you how much it lifts my spirits every time I put that beast on (nearly everyday since I bought it!). I also can't tell you how many times someone has inquired about and complimented it - and what a shameful joy I get out of telling them it was thrifted and no, they can't buy it at Anthropologie. I know it's bad, but the thrill of believing I'm probably the only person wearing it for miles around makes it all the more special. Like treasure. Which is why I love (love!) vintage and consignment shopping.

Urban Outfitters ankle-length black jeggings; American Apparel deep v; Urban Outfitters vest; Lucky short boots; Urban Outfitters Ecote surplus jacket; MK boyfriend watch; Ray Ban aviators; thrifted BCBG necklace.

The key to pulling off a piece with that much weight and sparkle is to keep all other accessories to a minimum. You want to avoid looking like a human discoball. I wore no earrings, no rings and just my MK watch with the necklace. This guideline is mostly important during daylight hours. At night, actually, I sort of like looking like a discoball...

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