Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Seattle, it's not you, it's me...

The day is finally here. I am moving to New York City this afternoon. I can't quite believe it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm still just in in a daze, and it won't hit me until a week from now when I realize I'm not on vacation and need to find a job.

It's rather strange and quite a bit to take on to try and wrap my head around the idea that my time living in Seattle is over (for now, at least). I know people move all the time, but I don't. I lived in the same house in Seattle all the way until I went away to Arizona for college, then returned to that house after I graduated. And here I've stayed until today.

Seattle, you've been good to me. So, so good. I have had a really fab life here. Since moving back here after college, I've made incredible new friends, experienced bars, restaurants, parks, streets, concerts, neighborhoods, boutiques, and people that I'm completely obsessed with. So thank you for all that, Seattle. I'm so grateful that you're as cool and green and urban and hilly and rainy and fun and laid-back as you are.

But on that note, I'm outta here! I've got the itch to make a change and challenge myself with a new city, complete independence and infinite opportunities. I'm sad to leave but absolutely thrilled to see what will become of my life when I get settled in in New York.

This past weekend was a great way to say farewell to my beloved Sea-town. There was pool time at Villa Flynn, Karina threw a raucous BBQ with all our friends, and I got to have one last whiskey + ginger at Cafe Presse. It was truly the most perfect way to be sent off!

Coffee was an essential part of the party prep chez Karina on Saturday...

Pool toys in the hot tub...

Water fight!

Attempt #1 at a group shot...

That's better.

A little love from Alex & Nick...

The girls @ Cafe Presse

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  1. Are you continuing your blog from NYC? Seattle and your readers will miss you!