Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cher, what the hell is that? A dress! Say's who? Calvin Klein!

So I know you're probably thinking, is this a Noxzema commercial, or what?

Ah, it just never gets old. Anyway, I was browsing the Huffington Post style section this morning and I came across a fantastic little tid-bit I couldn't resist sharing with you. Per the request of an owner of an LA-based label, Confederacy, Fransisco Costa is re-issuing Cher's famous Calvin Klein dress from Clueless.

Mel: Well, go put something over it.

Cher: Duh, Daddy, I was just going to!

[reappears in clear trenchcoat]

The body-con, totally-mid-90s dress is available through Confederacy's website, and runs a cool $916.

"Anything happens to my daughter, I've got a .45 and a shovel. I doubt anybody would miss you."

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