Friday, May 7, 2010

{shoe crush} DvF's Zia platform sandal...

$280.00 by Diane von Furstenberg at Revolve Clothing

I know I went on a huge rave session over neutral wedges yesterday, and these are pretty much the opposite of that, but I can't help myself. Look at these things. They're gorgeous: tall, simple, suede, black.

I was tossing and turning like a madwoman in bed a few nights ago, unable to fall asleep,and my brain felt like it was moving a million miles a minute. One minute I was lamenting lost loves, the next - fretting over all clothes I don't have. Judge away, but I can't help it. Anyway, one of the things that I paused on was my need for a new, less crazy/wild/studded/buckled/busy pair of black heels than the ones I have now.

Then low-and-behold, I was browsing Shopbop for their latest shoe offerings, and my gaze fell on these Diane Von Furstenburg gems. They're called the Zia criss-cross suede platform sandal... but let's just call them perfect. I can see them working brilliantly for dressier nights out this summer, and transitioning amazingly into the fall and winter with tights.

Guess I'll start saving now... I wonder if will let me create an budget called "Saving For Sandals" ... no?

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  1. I have these! They are seriously comfortable to walk in and look great!