Thursday, May 27, 2010

{big news} Seattle Weekly Web Awards...

YOU GUYS! I don't know how this happened or who is responsible, but whoever they are I want to kiss them straight on the mouth.

I just found out via email that I have been nominated for a's 2010 Best of the Web Awards in the category of "Best Online Presence: Fashion/Clothing." I am so surprised and flattered and excited and giddy I can hardly stand it.

The other lovely nominees (great company, I must say!) are Seattle Picks, Seattle Fashionista, Nordstrom and Eastside Fashion.

I owe the biggest thank you ever to everyone who has ever placed a click on this blog. I am so grateful, and so thrilled.

Thanks Thanks Thanks! To Seattle Weekly and all of you!!! And wish me luck, winners are announced June 2nd!


1 comment:

  1. you deserve it! you have a great voice, great fashion sense, and always seem to mention whatever music i'm obsessed with that week. good luck!