Friday, May 28, 2010

back to basics...

I know there's a lot of contraversy around American Apparel. I'm aware, trust me. However, I'm blogging as a consumer here, not an activist, so I won't delve into all that.

AA has also become a sort of cliche haven for hipsters and sorority girls, full of skinny jeans and ready-to-be-screen-printed tank tops. Judge all you want, but they're not kidding around with their ever-expanding selection of "basics." And sure, they're a little expensive for what they are - but I've found it impossible to find a comperable replacement for their deep-v tee. Besides a few new colors of that, here's what else is catching my eye...

Unisex Mélange Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck, $20.00 at American Apparel

There's just no substitute.

Unisex Sailor Stripe Long Sleeve Pullover, $40.00 at American Apparel

Thats right, I want another striped shirt. I have problems, I know. But there's something about a clean, classic navy/white Breton stripe that I just cannot resist. This one has long sleeves and is made of a much more heavy and durable fabric than my H&M top. Which justifies me purchasing it. I promise.

El Salvador Lace Tee, $38.00 at American Apparel

A sheer lace tee shirt with a cami underneath is a chic, easy and not super-scandalous way to incorporate the boudoir trend into your spring and summer wardrobe. I picked up a creme one in San Fran, but I'd love one in black as well. I can already see it working in perfect contrast with my Urban Outfitters surplus jacket.

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