Friday, April 16, 2010

tgif: the playlist vol. 3 {coachella dreaming}

This edition of the TGIF playlist is a half bitter - half unbridled jealousy-filled tribute to those attending the Coachella Music & Arts Festival this weekend. What I wouldnt give to frolic around the desert in my jorts with flowers in my hair, listening to all my favorite bands and getting sunkissed and tipsy all the while.

Alas, I am here in Seattle, saving my funds and totally missing out. Happily though, so are most of my friends. Ugh not all, but most. In honor and in spite of this crazy three-day musically-amazing-almost-to-the-point-of-ridiculousness weekend, here's a playlist of my fav bands will be playing ...

1. Florence + The Machine - "Dog Days Are Over"

2. Julian Casablancas - "Out Of The Blue"

3. Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"

4. Yeasayer - "Ambling Alp"

5. Phoenix - "Lisztomania"

6. La Roux - "Tigerlily"

7. Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks"

8. Dirty Projectors - "Stillness is the Move"

9. Passion Pit - "Little Secrets"

10. Girls - "Lust For Life"

11. She & Him - "Should Have Known Better"

12. the xx - "Shelter"

13. Imogine Heap - "Hide & Seek"

14. Beach House - "10 Mile Stereo"

15. Jay-Z - "Party Life"

16. Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor"

17. Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Trick Pony"

18. Matt & Kim - "Daylight"

19. Fever Ray - "If I Had a Heart"

20. The Temper Trap - "Sweet Disposition"

21. Little Boots - "New In Town"

22. Camera Obscura - "French Navy"

23. MGMT - "Kids"

24. The Big Pink - "Dominos"

25. Pretty Lights - "Finally Moving"

So I guess I'll go listen to this and have a good cry.

Happy Weekend, my loves.

PS: If you go to Coachella, be a dear and send SUILTSOY some photos? I'd love to cry over those too and then share them with everyone!

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