Thursday, April 15, 2010

{reborn} the new HG Lodge @ the old War Room...

Entrance Lines. Cover charges. 80s night. Wild dancing. Hipsters. Aggressive cocktail consumption.

These are the things I remember from my few nights at The War Room on Cap Hill. I had some great times there, but it wasn't really my scene. Anyway, a few months back, The War Room closed because of issues involving money and fire codes. Elaborating would be boring, and I'd probably get the facts wrong. I believe that updates needed to be made to their sprinkler system, but the cost of doing so was more than the club's owners could manage.

Happily though, the space is re-opening this weekend as HG Lodge, a more lounge-y, swanky space with giant booths, a live ivy wall and animal trophies abound. Currently open Thurs - Sat nights, rumor has it we have weeknight drinking and a rooftop bar to look forward to.

Here's a little info from the P.I.

And the blurb from Daily Candy, where I first heard about the opening.

Follow HGLodge on Twitter, if you're into that kind of thing. Otherwise, see you on that rooftop :)

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