Thursday, April 15, 2010

my latest reading list...

What could be better in springtime than a fresh crop of books to learn from and be inspired by? Here's what I want to stick my nose in these days - from hot and new to classic to just-let-me-see-the-pictures to fashion history to cultural need-to-know - just a smattering of goodness.

Classy, by Derek Blasberg

The Selby Is In Your Place, by Todd Selby

My First New York, from The Editors of New York magazine

DV, by Diana Vreeland

The Beautiful Fall, by Alicia Drake

Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs*, by Chuck Klosterman

Alice in Wonderland & Through The Looking-Glass, by Lewis Carroll

Gifties? Please? Anyone? It's almost my 1/2 birthday...

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