Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the hair. the voice. the jacket.

You guys.

La Roux was OOC.

Out. Of. Control.

Yes, she's is a badass. And only 21. And yes, we got really close.

(Amazing... from Ali's phone)

Then we got a little too close to some innebriated teenage girls who were wearing the drinks they had already attempted to digest. Really. So we joined the more civilized 21+ crowd in the bar area.

This time baby, I'll beeeee.... Bulletprooooof....

Dancin' shoes...

The cherry blossoms were doing something sort of magical in the lights...


  1. DUDE - SHE IS ONLY 21. CONFIRMED. And not fair - way too awesome and now too young for this to be fair.

  2. Oh and btw - your blog is awesome and shutup I DID love your shirt (and watch)!