Friday, April 2, 2010

First Thursday at six19...

You guys, I found the best party of First Thursday. Well, I didn't really find it. I was at the Bo Concept event for Le 21eme, and ran into an old friend from my Nordstrom days. He recommended heading just a few blocks south on Western to a space called six19. "It's like five floors of art with food and wine, you have to go," he said.

So we went. We being my mom and I. And we had a great time. The building was teeming with every kind of Seattlite - from the artists themselves to artsy hipsters to Belltown yuppies to people I went to high school with to long-boarding guys with two huskies and a porkpie hat - they were all there. We wandered from floor to floor, studio to studio, finding photography, flamenco dancers, pop art, painting, sculpture and music.

It was such a cool scene, it didn't feel like the right place to bust out my point-and-shoot and start asking people if I could photograph them.

I absolutely love this picture. So much that I think I might blow it up and frame it.

More art supplies...

Paint brushes...

Five flights of madness.

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