Wednesday, April 21, 2010

finally, some instant gratification...

A while back, I posted about The Impossible Project (after discovering The Singular). These people were on a mission to create new film for vintage Polaroid cameras. I checked back at their Web site frequently, but rarely saw updates. I was beginning to wonder if their project really was impossible.

As it turns out, the Impossible Project was indeed possible. In a factory in Enschede (NL), Impossible Film Production has released more than 10 different types of instant analog film to use with Polaroid cameras.

Once it stops being out of stock, I can't wait to purchase some of the 600 film to use with my dad's Polaroid. I have so many amazing polaroids from my childhood, I really look forward to making some new-yet-awesomely vintage-looking images of my 20s-hood.

The 600 speed film runs about $22 for ten images, which is pricey, but fair compared to the $36 it costs (on average) to buy the vintage film on

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