Tuesday, April 27, 2010

{dream life} J. Crew's Jenna Lyons on Oprah

When you're frolicing through your early 20s, bouncing from unpaid internship to low-paying job to under-the-table nanny gig, just sort of trying to make your professional life start - it can be frustrating. Confusing. Enlightening. Exciting.

Myself, I've done marketing, editorial, social media, retail... a serious variety part time jobs and internships. I've always felt my path leaning towards fashion, but which particular aspect of the industry has been a bit unclear.

Then came Jenna Lyons, the creative director of J. Crew. She spearheaded J. Crew's brand makeover that took them from a dated, preppy classic to a fresh outpost of stylish sophistication and casual cool. She's an icon for girls everywhere as a woman in the fashion industry who's as succesful and smart as she is stylish.

The other day I was browsing the latest J. Crew catalog, and as I took in the gorgeous images and cravable ensembles I realized - I could so do that. Forever, for a living.

Further investigation on the J. Crew website as well as viewing this piece from Oprah (via the Huffington Post) has only further confirmed that my current life goal is to be the next Jenna Lyons.

Behold her life, her apartment, her kid, her closet.

(and note her striped shirt!)


  1. Oprah? Huffington Post? Well that is the end of my J Crew shopping experience. No matter how good the fashion, liberals have already taken enough money out of my pockets vis a vis higher taxes.

  2. And "conservatives" brought me a lower dollar value and veteran friends with PTSD.

    Get a grip and shop at Walmart for your fashion devoid of liberalism.

    I am not even a liberal, but your comment is just ridiculous.

  3. "Ridiculous" indeed. Typical liberalism to just discredit the person instead of the argument.

    But those frames and hair in your avatar aren't exactly the pinnacle of fashion sense either since we are making it personal.

  4. to anon: huh? anyway, i love that shirt on you, congratulations on finding a goal, i am sure that you will accomplish your dreams!

  5. Hey commenters - the enthusiasm is great, but just try to keep in mind that my blog is about fashion, not politics. And this particular post is about a woman who has achieved a lot and who inspires a lot of girls like me to go after what they want in life.

    So lets keep the liberal/conservative debates to a minimum. Thanks!