Wednesday, April 7, 2010

10 things you need for spring...

As each new season kicks into gear, I always feel overwhelmed by the amount of trends and clothes we lovers-of-fashion are expected to covet, purchase and wear. It's exhausting and exciting at the same time - not to mention a budgeting nightmare. It's funny how plans to save up for traveling, rent, bills, etc can suddenly go up in smoke when your eyes - er - feet, meet a shoe they can't resist.

I'll be the first to admit I have had major problems with this in the past - and present. I love shopping, I love new things, I love updating my look as often as I change my nail polish. However, I can't afford that kind of full-wardrobe turn-around. And, I bet you can't either.

So here's my breakdown of '10 things you need for spring,' but take the word need lightly. Pick what you love and what works (for your body and your budget); skip the rest. A flattering fit in a color that looks great on you will always trump the latest trend.

1. Something Floral. Whether it's a blouse, a dress, a skirt, a scarf or a funky pair of shorts - this is one trend you should definitely embrace this season. Odds are you already own something floral, so now's the time to dust it off and dress it up in a new way.

2. A braid in your hair. French, sideswept, face-framing, wrapped into a headband, however you like it - weave one in to spice up your spring look.

3. A Military Moment. There are so many cool utilitarian pieces out there right now - especially pieces that will stand the test of time like a great field or safari jacket or some army green cargo shorts.

4. Stripes for Days. I don't need to talk about this anymore, and yet, here we are.

5. Neon. It's not for everyone, but if you're feeling bold, give this bright trend a try.

6. A Change of Scenery. Roadtrip. Weekend camping trip. Hike. Vegas. Whatever - just get outta town for a second.

7. A Big, Square Scarf. There are so many ways to wear one, there's no excuse not to have your own. Find one for $2 at a vintage or consignment store; they're everywhere at H&M, Urban, Anthropologie, Nordstrom; or invest in something timeless from Pucci, Hermes or Missoni.

8. Get Your Daytime Sequin On. Don't go head--to-toe disco at 3 p.m., but do jazz up a simple ensemble with just a bit of sparkle.

9. Some Variation on the Shirt-Dress. Simple, sexy, belt, no belt, button down, tee shirt, it's all good.

10. Jorts With a Cuff. At this point, if you're looking at this list thinking I'm crazy and you just can't afford all this new junk, relax. Walk into your closet. Grab your flair jeans. cut them of just above the knee. Wash. Roll cuff twice. Voila. Free.

Ok, now go forth and shop. Even better? Shop your closet. Better still? Shop your mom's closet. That's what I do - she has all the vintage goodies that are suddenly cool again (ie florals, military, silk scarves & other well-loved accessories).


  1. Great ideas! Just bought a pair of jorts recently!

  2. Feeling in a fashion frump, but I guess I'm better prepared for Spring than I thought. I have all this stuff! Way to brighten my day:]