Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{polish change} jade is the new (new) black...

April is fast approaching, which means it's finally appropriate to bring out the spring things we've been squirreling away all winter. It's time for pops of color, short sleeves and exposed toes.

Now that I can safely bust out my neon skirt and step out on the town without a heavy overcoat, I think it's also time to take a hiatus from my dark-and-moody-I-will-always-love-you Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish and try out some brighter hues. Last spring I sported O.P.I.'s The It Color: a buttery, marigold yellow, and in the summer I went through my own blue period.

This spring I'm lusting over O.P.I.'s Hong Kong collection, but most especially their green shade called Jade is the New Black (bottom center). It was first brought to my attention by my equally polish-obsessed friend Julie, and now I can't get it off my mind. This is what happens to me sometimes - I see something I want and become completely fixated on it and cannot rest until it is mine.  Not unlike many a boy-meets-girl situation.

Well, this is a girl-meets-polish moment, and I'm in love.

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