Monday, March 8, 2010

officially obsessed: Little Boots 'New in Town'

As you may have seen from my blog post and tweets, I saw Little Boots perform at Neumos on Saturday night.

It was one of the most fun concerts I've been to in a while. The crowd was going crazy, the music was perfect for dancing and the energy was electric. From the moment we walked in and got our first drinks, we didn't stop moving. Little Boots has some really addictive and catchy songs, and before we knew it we were clapping and screaming along with everyone else.

I woke up this morning with "I'm gonna take you out tonight, I'm gonna make you feel alright..." still stuck in my head.

I cannot get enough of this song, it's been on repeat on my ipod all weekend! (and I bet you'll love it too.)

Additionally, Little Boots' opening act, Dragonette, was really amazing. The lead singer is this teeny, dark-haired pixie of a girl, and she was wearing Sandy-gone-bad-in-Grease black pants and a cropped sweater while she rocked out. As we shimmied with the crowd, my friends and i kept gesturing at her with our cocktails and commenting on how she made us want to start a band. Look for a Dragonette song on this weeks MWMM...

(Clearly, concert photography is not my forte...)

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