Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my spring uniform...

I can tell already that this Spring, I'm going to be gravitating towards a very relaxed silhouette. This means soft, comfortable button down shirts that are equal parts sexy and casual; paired with a rolled, boyfriend-style short and flats. ( obviously don't recommend investing $2000 in a pair of Balmain shorts, but they provided a good visual of the kind of chino shorts that would look cute with a denim top.) ALERT: NO DENIM ON DENIM. Anyway... Why I call this a uniform is because all you need is a couple of basics, and just by mixing them with different shoes, belts, hats, jewelry, scarves and bags you can create tons of different looks. It's a brilliant way to get away with repeats! In theory, each of the different items I chose could be mixed and matched together, and you probably have similar things in your closet. Take your basic white button down, half-tuck it into your favorite pair of shorts, buckle into your neutral belt, wrap a big colorful scarf around your neck and slip on your ballet flats - voila. Instant Spring.

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