Friday, March 19, 2010

the week of the striped shirt: day 5

Friday is finally here. Are you sick of my striped shirt yet? I'm not.

Anyway, today's outfit is ridiculously budget-friendly. I think all together it cost $75. The key is this blazer from H & M that walks a fine line between navy and black. I have yet to make the call, but since this shirt is white and grey-ish navy and the skirt is black, white and grey ... I figure it's whatever I want it to be. So, for today, it's black.

H&M blazer; F21 leopard skirt; Converse tennies.

I like the fun mix of patterns in this outfit and the tennis shoes are a bright, comfortable extra. It's perfect for a night out dancing, right? And it is Friday, right? Hmm...

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