Monday, March 15, 2010

the week of the striped shirt: day 1

I mentioned last week that I was going to wow you all with how versatile and amazing this striped H & M shirt is. And I did not lie. I hope. I will be playing dress up in my closet, combining this miracle-in-cotton with various items I already own. I just want to show you how a smart, thoughtful purchase can get you through an entire season.

This is a boat neck navy-and-white striped cotton shirt with bracelet-length sleeves that I purchased from H&M last month. It's a size 6, and has a nice, slouchy fit. It was probably the best $12.95 I've spent in a long time. (The key with this tee is to roll the sleeves, as they are a pretty awkward length.)

So here's outfit 1:

Zara vest; BP long white tank worn under; ski leggings; Banana Republic heels; H&M animal print bangle & MK boyfriend watch.

I'm kicking off "The Week of the Striped Shirt" with a little layering and a more casual, seasonally-transitional look. It's not super bundled-up but the muted colors keep it grounded in the knowledge that it's still officially winter - especially in Seattle - for 5 more days.

Look out all this week for a different look centered around this beloved shirt. I'm completely convinced it's going to become as indispensable as my favorite J Brand skinny jeans. That's right - I said it - as important as my jeans. Feel free to chime in with a comment anytime this week if you feel that my love and devotion to this article of clothing has become irrational; because it might.

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