Friday, March 5, 2010

from the SUILTSOY mailbag:

It's been a while, but finally SUILTSOY has recieved another special delivery to the mailbag!


Wedding season isn't yet in full swing but the engagement parties are starting to get out of hand. All my friends who got engaged over Christmas, New Years or Valentine's Day are throwing soiree's this month. I need a couple outfits with pieces I can mix and match. I can't buy two or three full new outfits but maybe a few pieces to combine? Oh, and they must match with a dirty martini or a gin and diet tonic-extra lime.


the unengaged supporter

Dear Supporter,

I totally feel you on this one. When party season kicks into gear, it can be a real struggle to come up with a fresh look weekend after weekend, party after party, without spending your life savings on fancy frocks.

The good news is, you're already in the right mindset. The best strategy is to mix and match a couple of new things with what you already have, to create new outfits that don't feel repetative.

For the sake of brevity, let's just say you're going to mix a skirt and top. It's the chicest and easiest way to breeze into these parties just oozing, "Look at me, I just threw on a couple of random things and they don't match and it's perfect."

So if you already have a great dressy black skirt like this one by
Diane von Furstenberg ($245) at Saks Fifth Avenue, find a fun, colorful or printed top to pair it with. And lets just say that, because it's a nice party, no cottons, no plaid, nothing too short, and please, tuck your top in.

Or, let's reverse it:

If you already have a fun, wild skirt, look for a complimentary blouse to wear with it, that you can also wear with other things you own, like with slacks for work, or with jeans on the weekends - you get what I mean. One of my favorite printed skirts I've seen lately is this Leifsdottir Ashri Floral-Print Skirt ($198.00 at CUSP). Again, be mindful of the fabric, colors, and length, you don't want to show up to this party and draw too much attention away from the bride-to-be!

I hope that helps you, Unengaged Supporter. But if you're still feeling lost, here's a few more hot tips:

  • I don't reccommend buying shoes as the "missing piece" for your party outfits. As much as we gals love our shoes, they aren't the right investment to make if you're looking to add a really versitile new element to your wardrobe, pick something that people will make direct eye contact with - like - from the knee up.
  • Don't forget it's fun & chic to mix patterns right now! Just keep in mind the proportions: make sure they aren't too similar in size & busy-ness.
  • If you're really in a pinch, hit up F21 or H & M and pick out a statement necklace. Wear it over your favorite black dress and wear your hair up. Instant update on the cheap.
  • Reinvent the shapless dress you already own with funky belt sinched around your natural waist.
  • Colorful tights under and outfit you already own is also an unexpected way to change up a go-to look.
  • Red lips will keep eyes on your pretty face and off the dress you've worn five times already.


Good luck!


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