Wednesday, March 24, 2010

follow-up post: striped shirt alternative...

So, after my excessive posting about my beloved H&M striped shirt, I've recieved a few comments/ and emails from some miffed readers. It seems that the shirt I cherish so dearly is cannot be found at H&M anymore.

Woe is you, my sweets! I'd hate to think that I'd gotten you all riled up and ready to march on Spring - a stripey-boat-necked-parisian-chic army - and then discover sadly that you're without  a uniform. Well, fear not. My lovely friend (and coworker @ Anthro) Annalee discovered a near-perfect replacement at Urban Outfitters. Behold:

$28.00 by BDG at Urban Outfitters

Ta-da! It's great, right? Granted this tee is a little more spendy, but it's not outrageous. Loves it. Hope that helps you stripe-starved gals get your fix.

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