Thursday, March 25, 2010

bits & baubles from the internets...

Here's just a few things that have caught my eye, made me laugh or just seemed worth sharing from my browsings this week...

1. "Hipster" is over. It's the dawn of the fauxhemian. No seriously, we voted on Gawker.

2. This week's Gossip Girl recap. If you watch this show and don't read this every week with religious devotion, you're sort of missing the point.

3. T: The New York Times Magazine's Stefano Tonchi starts as the new editor at W magazine April 12. Changes are afoot!

4. I've found some wonderful fashion blogs I'd been missing - you'll love them too: Hanneli ; Karla's Closet ; Where Did You Get That ; Purple Diary

5. March Madness for the not-that-sporty-more-into-fashion-types: Fug Madness on GFY is back.

*Image found on The Sartorialist (but it's actually from Italian Vogue, shot by Steven Meisel) Agnyess looks darling, btw.

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