Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we lead really glamorous & exciting lives...

  • SUILTSOY: so did you stay up til 12 am watching ice dancing and cry when those adorable Canadians won gold and their American BFFs got silver? Because i did
  • HaileyJamar: unfortunately not. i decided to FB chat and try on a bathing suit i bought from target, and then chat in the bathing suit and ugg boots until i decided i was being crazy and needed to go to bed.
  • SUILTSOY hahahahahahaha. Awesome.:


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    Enjoy your blog. Yes. I was upset about the "Silver" but life goes on.....

  2. OK. So this is epic. I totally stayed up and watched ice dancing (it really was beautiful). Anddd it was soo awesome how they were all bff's (better luck next time russia). will you be watching womens short skate tonight???eekkk. i hate that the good stuff doesnt come on till like 11...you have to wait like 3 hours to watch the good stuff. Neways love love your blog.

  3. Yessss we are FAB. Hahaha so funny. lovesss. xoxo