Thursday, February 11, 2010

trend obsession: florals & stripes...

I'm going to go ahead and announce right here and now, I'm forecasting that my favorite trend for Spring is going to be mixing florals and stripes. I love pattern mixing in general these days, but this combo (most specifically exemplified by a top tucked into a high-waisted skirt) is my "must-have," if you will. There are definitely a few tricks though, for pulling off this look. First, stick with a simple two-color stripe. I love white and navy because I like the way it's classic simplicity plays off of a girly, colorful, floral. Second, try to have mixed proportions of the stripes and florals. What I mean is, if you have big flowers, do little stripes, and if you have big stripes, go for smaller, busier flowers. If high waisted skirts aren't your thing, another way to try out this look is to pair cool, wide-leg seersucker trousers with a floral t-shirt or blouse; tucked or untucked. The idea here is just to get playful with color and get as far away from matchy-matchy as possible. *Hot tips: 1) I couldn't find any great examples, but I'd love to find a floral (or a stripe) with some yellow or orange. 2) H & M doesn't have a great website but they have inexpensive boat-neck striped tees in a variety of great colors in-store right now. 3) Try this look on a small scale by applying the same idea to a scarf & top. 4) Keep accessories simple.

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