Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the shoe i will not do...

Karl Lagerfeld first showed them in his Spring 2010 Chanel show in the Fall. His runway was country-inspired, and he sent his models strutting down the catwalk in... high-heel clogs. Since what Unkle Karl says goes, there's been a trickle-down effect that has diffused the style into fashion magazines and lower-priced lines like Nine West and Steve Madden.


They are so ugly. There, I said it. Like harem pants for your feet, they will come and go quickly and really only look good on .01% of Earth's fashion-conscious population.

I think I'll sit this one out.



  1. I am soooo sitting this one out. Clogs didnt do it for me when I was 11 and they arent gona do it for me now -_-

  2. THANK YOU - these are hideous.

  3. you need SUPER skinny legs to rock these correctly, ie: models.