Tuesday, February 23, 2010

she looks good in the nude...

I've had a thing for Kate Bosworth ever since Blue Crush. I mean, didn't we all? She went through that scary-skinny phase later and everyone was worried, but then she was great and gorgeous in 21. Since then.... uhm, I don't know, really. Where have you been, Bosworth?

The point is, wherever she's been, she had a great make-up person with her. I love how she looks here, at the Calvin Klein after party. First of all, she's a blond in a neutral dress, which is usually the equivelent of putting a Smurf in all blue. However, her skin tone here is so much more pinky than her khaki-hued dress, that it really works.

And then there's that pop of red lips. Sexy & modern.

Loves it.

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