Monday, February 8, 2010

pretty young (spring) things...

The farther we get into February, the more I'm thinking about March. And April. Retailers have been trying to sell us on Spring since about December, but I've been resistant until fairly recently.

The most recent J.Crew catalog has me ready to invest in my new Spring things - right now. It. Is. To. Die. For. Shot in Lisbon, Portugal, it's all panama hats and desert shoes, pastels, rolled chino shorts and embellished tissue tees. I want it all, but here are my highlights...

Broken-in boyfriend chino short, $49.50 at J.Crew

I'm slightly obsessed with the idea of some perfectly relaxed boyfriend shorts in a cool chino fabric and perhaps a fun color. I want to wear them much like J.Crew has styled them: with a button-down half-tucked, a skinny belt and funky jewelry.

Pixie pant, $88.00 at J.Crew

I can't tell exactly, but I'm pretty sure I have to have these pants. They're so Audrey, and perfect for days at the office with ballet flats and button-down shirts, or a hot date with chunky heels and a silky top.

Suede MacAlister boots, $145.00 at J.Crew

I really don't know if I can personally get on board with these shoes, but one of my uncles was wearing them the other night and he looked pretty hip.

Faded chambray shirt, $78.00 at J.Crew

I love the idea of mixing a faded, super-soft denim shirt with cotton or khaki shorts.

Merino-linen camp cardigan, $98.00 at J.Crew

Panama hat, $58.00 at J.Crew

I've been obsessed with this hat forever. It's a little expensive, but I adore it.

Skinny pyramid-studded belt, $36.50 at J.Crew

Vintage bateau top, $36.00 at J.Crew

Ahh, stripes. And distressed denim. So good together, like PB&J.

Marjorie suede ballet flats, $98.00 at J.Crew

You simply cannot go wrong with black ballet flats. They are (in my humble opinion) an absolute wardrobe essential.

To see the aesthetics that inspire me to want everything in J.Crew, you better look at Passport to Portugal. (It's a flash player, so I couldn't post the images!)

What do you think? Too preppy? I definitely tend to embrace my preppy side in Spring before I get all mermaid-hair boho--chic, havanias and long-tanks-as-dresses when Summer comes. I can't really pull off a total J. Crew ensemble (I wear far too much jewelry) but they have all the right basics that mix in well with just about any wardrobe.


  1. Not too pretty at all. Throw in some tough elements, say gladiator heels or black booties, and you're good to go!

  2. love all collection. specially McAllister boots!