Friday, February 19, 2010

Own that ponytail! Work that up-do!

Good news girls: you can turn off that hair straightener. Many models on the Fall runways this past week were styled with two of my favorite go-to 'dos; top-knots and side-ponies.

In your head you're going, "Did she just say 'side pony'? That's absurd!" Fear not though, it's a low pony that sits nicely over your shoulder.

The great thing abou this look it how versitile it is (I mean, ok, it doesn't really work if you have short hair, but still). You can totally embrace your waves and part them to the side (like we saw at Tracy Reese), tease the side where you gather the hair just a little, throw an elastic around it and you're out the door. Are there products you can use to enhance this? I'm sure. Do I know what they are? Not even a little bit. Hair spray? Why not.

The second look, from Milly, is oh-so- Blair Waldorf, right? The whole collection is pretty much UES prep school pefect. This is what my hair would do in this style, except with bangs. Nice middle part, gather and band the hair close to the neck, and top it off with a headband if you feel so inclined. This look is more polished and office-appropriate, while the first is definitely more weekend-worthy.

Now lets get high...

Fine, fine, so not quite as high as the knots at Suno, but you get the idea. Monique Lhuillier sent all of her models down the runway with tightly wound ballerina buns. I don't have the skill or patience to create such a polished up-do, but here's my interpretation:

As you can see, I'm not a hair-stylist. There are fly aways and messy moments all over the place, but I still like to throw my hair up like this for work or for nights out. It keeps me from fussing over it, and especially now that I'm bitter over how short it is, putting it up makes me happy. This is really easy, and you can also do it at any height on your head, depending on your boldness.

First, give that hair a good brushing. Grab it all and work it into a ponytail and secure it with a strong, tight elastic. I like to divide my hair in half and pull up and out on both sides after i secure it, to create a little imperfection. Next, start grabbing chunks and back-combing or teasing them. There's no rhyme or reason to this, just get it all wild. Finally, twist the mass of hair and start winding it circularly around the base of the pony and secure it as you go with bobby pins. So many bobby pins. Get it how you like it, then hairspray the heck out of it.

Does that make sense? Explaining how to do hair is not my strong-suit.

Now get out there and embrace the up-do. Show off that pretty face. Like T.I. says, we can pop bottles all night, and you can have whatever you like. High, low, side, middle, messy, polished, stacks on deck, patron on ice...

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