Monday, February 1, 2010

happy birthday Lauren Conrad - gimme those shades...

I nabbed this pic from Whitney Port's blog. I know, I'm really cool. Anyway, the point is, I was browsing these cute pictures of Lauren and Whitney looking all blond and bff-y. I'm really happy for them, but what I am focused on is Lauren's oversized Ray Ban Wayfarers. I thought these were an urban celebrity-style myth, but I found them the other day in an optical store in downtown Seattle.

The key to the mystery is that they are a men's style. No wonder I could never find them!

Clearly, all these clouds are making me stir-crazy for spring, summer, sunshine... all that good stuff.

I think I'm a bit nervous to buy them online where you can't tell exactly how large they are, but I think these, on are the ones.

(Thats Anna Dello Russo (via Garance Dore) wearing them, too.)

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