Wednesday, February 3, 2010

awfully mild January, but yep, it's still winter...

My mind is totally tra-la-la-ing as of late...Winter is just creeping along, taking it's sweet time, and I've been dwelling on it. This happens to me in Seattle every now and then. I tolerate (and even enjoy) the rain and rumbling clouds most days, but then boom - one day I can't help but look up at the grey skies and say, "Really? Still?"

You know what would cheer me up? How about a little snow, Mother Nature? Pretty please?

These pictures of Paris in the snow remind me of how beautiful and calm and quiet a city can become with just a dusting of white. Gimme that.

*Luckily, I think I will be able to sneak off to Sun Valley, Idaho for an extended long weekend over President's Day to get my snow fix. I need some sunny ski days, a night or two of dancing at Whiskey Jaques, a Bowl of Soul from Java, and a roaring fire asap. Then I think I'll survive through May.

And wouldn't you guys love some snow-bound outfit posts? Especially if I promise not to wear Uggs everyday?

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