Tuesday, January 12, 2010

taking a cue from one of The Sartorialist's favorites...

Ok, so its 104 degrees in Rio, where Scott Schuman shot this woman (Joana), so this look might not be applicable until, say, May on this side of the equator. But a girl can dream (and travel). As far as emulating her style, she's definitely wearing the Club Master Ray Bans, which are totally accessible in the real world. The Hermes Birkin bag? Not so much. The rest of her easy ensemble is so simple to recreate. A bright shirtdress, a printed scarf and a pair of neutral heels with the Wayfarers you (better!) already own - and voila! Breezy. Brazilian. Chic. (In case you live under a fashion rock, this photo comes from thesartorialist.com)

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