Thursday, January 28, 2010

sweet escape: treehouse point...


So remember when I showed you this last week, as where I was mentally for the weekend? Well the picture above looks pretty damn close, doesn't it? That, my friends, is Treehouse Point, in  Snoqualmie Valley, Washington. Oh yes. It's real, it's a hotel, and it's close. You can get married there, have a dinner party there, or just stay the night. Look at this excellent photo gallery. How badly do you wanna go? There's great hiking in the area and it's seriously less than an hour from Seattle. It would be a fun, sunny getaway in the summer, but I'm thinking... how beautiful and magical would it be to stay in a treehouse in the snow?

Still not convinced? Watch this...

(I don't know about the whole "Stop Work" thing, because it's definitely a real, working hotel currently. Treehouse Point won second place for Best Bed & Breakfast in the 2009 Northwest Escapes - however, the reviews on are mostly less-than-stellar.)

I still want to go.



  1. Check out these beautiful photos from a gorgeous wedding at Treehouse Point -- love it!

  2. Very cool! OMG. Let's put on a fashion show there! HAAHAA! All the girls can come out of the tree- house, down the stair case, and across the trail. A la Chanel! Lol! Runways are everywhere. (I'm such a (fashion) nerd. hah!)

    Great Blog, btw!

    t_hommeboy @