Monday, January 4, 2010

i am ready, i am ready for a fall...

Everyone who reads this blog knows I have a deep, devoted, love for Gossip Girl. This love permeates my wardrobe, my social schedule, my posts (obvi) and also, my ipod. GG has a knack for selecting amazing songs from up-and-coming bands with legitimate talent. How would I know, you ask?

Well, back in May I was driving down Madison and scoping out the concert schedule at Chop Suey, as I usually do when I get stopped at the light just before the venue. I saw that a band called The Virgins were performing a few days later. I only knew of them because I had downloaded one of their songs from the Gossip Girl soundtrack, and then my cousin burned me their entire album. It's damn good.

Anyway, I showed up early enough to catch both of the opening acts for The Virgins: Anya Marina and Lissie Trullie. They were both amazing. And what do you know, both of these acts have had songs featured on GG episodes since then. (Here's my post from the concert.)

(I also posted Anya Marina's video for her aaaamazing cover of T.I.'s Whatever You Like (recently played on GG), here.)

The point of this post, though, is that I have had the lines "I am ready I am ready for the fall" stuck in my head on repeat every now and then for over a month, and I could never remember where I heard the song in the first place. I only knew that I had loved it!

Last night my timing was finally right, and I happened to be on my computer when the lyrics came back into my head, so I googled them. After listening to some different versions of the song, called Ready For the Floor, I stumbled upon the version I remembered, which was by Lissie Trullie. As it turns out, I had heard it on a season 3 episode of Gossip Girl.

So here's the video for the song, which was also in the soundtrack for that wretched movie Jennifer's Body, in case you care...

She is so cool. Her androgynous-meets-punk-meets-fashionista-rocker look is fresh and her band is also pretty fab. And the song is just really great. I have to admit, I like it a lot more than the original version by Hot Chip.

So there you have it, 1 concert, 3 music acts, 6 songs on various episodes of Gossip Girl (the Virgins have had four).

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