Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fending off the mid-winter blues...

Sooo, I've wasted a whole work-free weekend confined to the couch with a deathly cold. Talk about wah-wah. Not to mention, Woof. I got a great friday night out of it before I awoke in a congested fog Saturday morning, but I can't help but think that if I had surrendered to the hint of the sniffles I felt on Thursday, I may have still been a productive human over the weekend.

Anyway, Spending long, miserable days on the couch watching Friday Night Lights and season one of Gossip Girl (btw, we still have until March 8th until a new episode) allowed me to spend a lot of time making plans for all the things I want to do once I kick this illness.

First, I'm going to take myself out for an Americano. It's been days, people.

1. Take myself to see A Single Man. Tom Ford's directorial debut looks undeniably elegant, stylish and intriguing. Much like the man himself. Quel Surprise. Julianne Moore looks amazing and Colin Firth won Best Actor for this roll at the Venice Film Festival. Here's where it's playing locally.

2. I must see the Michaelangelo Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum before it leaves on January 31st. I've heard it's really nothing too spectacular, but my whole family has a membership so it's free, and plus, it's Michaelangelo. In Seattle. That's worth stepping out for, especially since then I'll have an excuse to take a little jaunt up to Cafe Campagne (one of my ablsolute favs) for a croque madame.

3. Joy! A new bar is opening on Capitol Hill Friday, called The Unicorn. Check out a little about it here and here. Or click around on their website, which is colorful, playful (and sparkly!). Is the wild decor a signifier of a gay bar? Is it's name a signifier of a gay bar? I have no idea. I care not. It looks fancy and fun. Count me in. Also on the docket of new bars to check out, Still Liquor, also on Capitol Hill. This story on The Slog was enough to sell me.

4. LOST starts again (the beginning of the end! The LAST season!) on February 2nd. I'm a pretty diehard LOST fan, but it can be hard to remember all the things that happened. I may rewatch a little of season five in my downtime, or I may just watch this a few times.

5. Pick up a jumprope. I've always heard it's an amazing workout, but my friend Jessica said her friend who has 12-pack abs does it a lot, and that's proof enough for me. Speaking of jumping, I also want to go back to AiRobics at Sky High Sports. That's right - 60 minutes of aerobics on a trampoline. So fun. So sweaty. Speaking of sweaty? Gotta get back to Hot Yoga, too.

6. Time to get crafty. Last year, I made tons of Valentines and mailed them to my friends around the country, and I did the same in December for Christmas. It's that time again, so I've gotta bust out the glitter pens, heart stencils, and construction paper. You should do it too, it feels good to spread the love!

7. I need to get my ski bunny on. This means a few things. First, it means I need to head out to one of the (many) local mountains I haven't been to yet. Also, it means I need to start planning my getaway to Sun Valley. My family has a condo over there, and I have 6 days off in February. Whiskey Jacques, if you're listening, I'm coming for you soon! I haven't been over there all winter and I've been craving a hot chocolate on Seattle Ridge, a lap around the SV ice rink, late night libations at the Cellar and shopping at Ketchum Dry Goods. Also, I want to go sledding. Somehow, somewhere, soon.

8. Oh, I also want to see Dear John. That's right - I said it. I love that adorable Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia? Mean Girls? anyone?) and don't act like Channing Tatum isn't hot enough to fork over $9 just to watch him soldier around cry over a girl. Because he is. Sometimes in the middle of the winter, you have to secretly sculk off to see a really girly Nicholas Sparks movie on a really rainy day. That way, your tears can be disguised when you walk outside...

9. More hot toddies. Have you had one before? They are delicious. They warm your cheeks and your insides, too! I had a really, really delicious one while watching Nine at The Big Picture. Additionally, have you been there? It's the best winter date spot in Seattle. I went before Christmas with a really hot date - my bff, LV. Note to local gentlemen, I'm ready to go back :)

10. THE OLYMPICS. OMG my darlings, I am positively giddy in anticipation of the winter Olympics in February. Figure Skating, The Luge, Slolem, Ski Jumping, Speed Skating, Figure Skating... ahhh I just can't wait. It's slightly depressing/exhilerating that they are taking place like four hours North of here, but I can deal. Bring on the 24-hr coverage!
Have fun being busy little winter bees!

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